Because life's too dear to be far,

DawaSwift is bringing your local pharmacy to your home!

About DawaSwift

With it's headquarters on the internet and office presence in Toronto and Montreal (Canada) and Nairobi (Kenya), DawaSwift is creating the world's widest network of local pharmacies to serve local patients through an AI powered web platform that also connects them with local drivers to facilitate deliveries of medical products in real-time, starting from Africa!

For Pharmacies

Do more business (thanks to a wider online market, in-app patient/customer micro loans), Deliver faster to patients and hospitals, Partner with professionals (such as doctors, other pharmacists), Save more lives!
 Download the Pharmacy App

For Drivers/Riders

Be your own boss (and work on your schedule), Choose your wheels (whether car, bicycle, motorcycle, scooter etc), Earn good money while saving lives.
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How the DawaSwift App Works?

Because life's too dear to be far, ordering medicine on the DawaSwift App or website only takes 2 steps once you are logged in!
1. Register & Log Into Your Account

Request a ride with the app
Then search for medical products and select the pharmacy to buy from, then add the selected items to cart.
2. Select and Buy Your Medicine

Get a ride in your city with Bolt

Then your pharmacist will prepare your order and package it for you or hand it over to our driver in an opaque and tamper-proof DawaSwift packaging. 

3. Complete Order For Delivery/Pick Up
Easy and fast payments
Pay for the medicine if you selected delivery going to the pharmacy.
On the map, watch your driver arrive to deliver your medicine.

DawaSwift Services

To bring medication closer to you, DawaSwift provides the following services on the DawaSwift App:

DawaSwift Maisha Health Card & Health Loan

Apart from earning Maisha Points from all your eligible purchases, you can use the Maisha Card and Maisha Health Loan feature in the app for in-app purchases or to make payments at all participating pharmacies and hospitals anywhere in the world.

DawaSwift Maisha Health Insurance

Sign up for the Maisha Insurance on your DawaSwift app/website, pay your monthly/annual premiums and your bills could be paid based on the terms of your insurance cover! Make DawaSwift your health partner today and bring life closer home!

DawaSwift Customer/Patient, Driver/ Motorcyclist/ Rider and Pharmacy Apps

DawaSwift has been created with a vision to be the engine driving the world's widest network of local pharmacies to serve local patients through an AI powered web platform. Let's build a healthy community together!

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