We’re bringing health and financial services closer to the people in emerging markets globally.

DawaSwift is a global mobile money payments and transfers, medicine delivery, taxi-hailing and data science company. Launched in September 2019, the DawaSwift app enables customers to order medicine from authorized pharmacies near them and hail taxis from trained and certified drivers.

Through financial inclusion of the 4 billion underserved/underbanked population using mobile money and data science as a toolset, our mission is to transform the medical product retail market in Africa, India, Latin America and other emerging markets by eliminating the barriers of affordability, accessibility and availability of health and financial services globally.

Ideated and conceptualized in March 2018 by a dedicated team of ex-mobile money agency bankers, doctors, pharmacists, engineers and public policy makers, DawaSwift is the leading mobile technology and data science company that delivers medicine from local pharmacies to patients' homes through a tight network of local drivers/riders.
Using the DawaSwift app, customers can make orders from pharmacies, track their purchases (and have medicine delivered to their homes). Customers can also hail a taxi on the DawaSwift app.

Our next product,NextPesa, is a revolutionary global mobile money payments and transfers platform that enables customers to transfer money from person to person,make bill payments to registered merchants and withdraw or deposit money through a tight network of local NextPesa agents for cash in/out through a borderless mobile money account.

DawaSwift has its headquarters in Toronto with offices in Nairobi and Montreal, and is on a track to launch NextPesa in early 2020

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Authorized Pharmacies


Trained & Certified Drivers

Leadership Team

Dr. Davji Atellah

Head of Pharmacy Operations

Joseph Olayemi

Head of Product Strategy

Odero Otieno

Chief Executive Officer

William Nippard

Head of Technology and Development

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