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DawaSwift partners with the best pharmacies in Kenya

We are on a mission to transform the medical product retail market globally.

We partner with all major pharmacies in Kenya to provide DawaSwift customers real-time delivery and access to exceptional care. We partner with all major health insurers, so that our customers don't have to pay for the full cost of the medication upfront.

DawaSwift brings together pharmacies, insurers and delivery partners to offer unrivaled care and service to customers, and is already the largest pharmacy network in Kenya!

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Want to partner, join, invest in DawaSwift or you just have a burning question? Drop us an email at info@dawaswift.com

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North Building, 175 Bloor St E Suite 200, Toronto, ON M4W 3R80


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16 Upper Hill Close, Nairobi, Kenya, 00100


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Who we are and what we do

No more shopping around for medications.

All pharmacies' medical product listings are available immediately for customers to select from.

DawaSwift brings together pharmacies, insurers and delivery partners to offer unrivaled care and service to customers. All pharmacies are vetted to the highest standards and must be duly registered by the Kenya Pharmacies and Poisons Board to be considered! Download DawaSwift today to experience the best online medicine shopping for both prescription and over-the counter medicine.

  • Award-winning Medicine Delivery Service
  • Super Fast Customer support
  • Keeps away any stigma
  • Customer in control of the experience
Our company

DawaSwift operates a 3-sided marketplace that connects patients to the best pharmacies near them and delivers the medications to customer's doorsteps in real-time. The platform is immediately available countrywide in Kenya.

Our Mission

DawaSwift is a healthcare logistics software company that is on a mission to eliminate the barriers of availability, accessibility and affordability of medications and healthcare services globally.

We Love

Supporting our patients in prescription management, delivering prescriptions and other medications, advice, discounts and on-call support.

DawaSwift: The largest network of the best pharmacies in Kenya

Because we vet all pharmacies and train delivery drivers all over the country, DawaSwift is the best way to buy medicine in Kenya.