Order medicine from authorized pharmacies, or Get the best taxi ride

Refer friends to earn free deliveries and taxi rides. DawaSwift brings your favourite pharmacy within and outside your location to your home! You can now make an order from any authorized pharmacy anywhere in the country and track it as it is delivered to you, within the shortest time possible! We connect you to our trained and certified drivers for the best taxi ride.

Get quality and affordable medicine delivered to you in minutes. Select medicine from your local pharmacy and pay then our drivers will deliver them to you or you can go pick them up. You can also hail a DawaSwift authorized taxi for your local transportation.

Why DawaSwift

Quality Non-Counterfeit Medicine (and Related Products)

Counterfeit medicine can irreversibly  ruin your health. When pharmacies sign up on DawaSwift, they are still required to provide the pharmacists' practicing licenses as well as government certifications of their stores before they can start selling on DawaSwift. Only pharmacies that comply with all government regulations are allowed to sell on the DawaSwift platform. To further protect our customers, DawaSwift occasionally and randomly sends field staff to inspect the pharmacies and their conditions, and any pharmaceutical store that doesn't meet any requirements is immediately unlisted.

No Cash? No Worries!

Pay the driver or pharmacy in cash, Deposit funds into your DawaSwift Account, Pay in cash at the pharmacy if you are picking your medicine up, use mobile money services (such as M-Pesa in Kenya) or add your bank debit/credit card to the app. To top it all, you get to earn the DawaSwift Maisha Points that you can use towards your future purchases at all participating pharmacies and hospitals anywhere in the world! You can also make eligible claims for reimbursement if you have DawaSwift Maisha Health Insurance Cover.

Secure, Convenient Taxi Ride, Fast & Stigma-Free Delivery

At DawaSwift, your privacy is at the core of our existence and our drivers and motorcyclists deliver to you in minutes from your local pharmacy. The drivers never get to see the contents of our tamper-proof sealed packages for enhanced customer privacy. You can also scan/ take pictures of your medical documents and prescriptions in your account on the app securely so that you can access them any time, anywhere in the world.


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