How to make a NextPesa mobile money deposit in Kenya

M-Pesa to NextPesa Global Mobile Money Account
Starting early 2020, customers will be able to perform all mobile money transactions on the revolutionary global NextPesa app. Customers will deposit funds directly into their NextPesa mobile money accounts at NextPesa money agents located in every corner of the country. To deposit funds to your NextPesa account in Kenya, customers will just need to visit these agent locations or add their bank cards, or use existing services such as M-Pesa, MTN Money and Airtel Money etc. Using the NextPesa app, customers can access the NextPesa menu on the mobile phone or use USSD service to send money to anyone with a phone number globally from their NextPesa mobile money account, save money, earn interest, pay bills etc. See more on the NextPesa website and sign up for early access!

NextPesa Online Deposit
Safaricom mobile users can deposit online. Once logged in, directly enter the amount online and enter PIN. If your transaction is successful, your NextPesa account will be credited immediately. M-Pesa Online deposit service is only valid for Safaricom mobile users.

Airtel Money to NextPesa global mobile money
To deposit funds to your NextPesa Kenya account, go to Airtel Money, select 'Make Payments', click on Paybill and select Other. Add the NextPesa paybill, the amount you wish to deposit and then confirm the transaction with 'OK'.

Bank Transfer
Please feel free to use bank transfer whenever you wish to fund your NextPesa money account without having to worry about mobile money daily limits. Once the payment has been made, please send a copy of the receipt and your NextPesa username to and your account will be topped up as soon as the funds have reached our bank account. Please note it takes 2-3 business days for funds to appear on our bank statement.

Bank: Commercial Bank of Africa
Branch: Upper Hill
Account number: NextPesa
Account name: NextPesa

NextPesa Kenya accepts no responsibility should you make a deposit into any account other than that of the Company, or enter your own account details incorrectly when requesting a withdrawal. Your deposit is credited to the NextPesa Kenya username matching the mobile number used for making a deposit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you add your correct customer data as indicated on our site instructions and the correct NextPesa Kenya account or payment details. In the event that an error occurs, NextPesa Kenya accepts no responsibility for recovering these funds and your account will NOT be credited.


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