DawaSwift brings your favourite pharmacy to your home!

With the DawaSwift App, you get quality and affordable medicine delivered to you in minutes. Select medicine from your local pharmacy and pay then our drivers will deliver them to you or you can go pick them up. Forget about counterfeit, overcharged, inaccessible medicine. Download the Patient App.

Why DawaSwift

Quality Non-Counterfeit Medicine (and Related Products)

Our vetted pharmacies only sell traceable, quality medicine eliminating counterfeit medicine that could irreversibly ruin your health. When pharmacies sign up on DawaSwift, they are still required to provide the pharmacists' practicing licenses as well as government certifications of their stores before they can start selling on DawaSwift. Only pharmacies that comply with all government regulations are allowed to sell on the DawaSwift platform. To further protect our customers, DawaSwift occasionally and randomly sends field staff to inspect the pharmacies and their conditions, and any pharmaceutical store that doesn't meet any requirements is immediately unlisted.

No Cash? No Worries!  

Pay in cash at the pharmacy if you are picking your medicine up, use mobile money services (such as M-Pesa in Kenya) or add your bank debit/credit card to the app. To top it all, you get to earn the DawaSwift Maisha Points that you can use towards your future purchases at all participating pharmacies and hospitals anywhere in the world! You can also make eligible claims for reimbursement if you have DawaSwift Maisha Health Insurance Cover. 

Secure, Convenient, Fast & Stigma-Free Delivery

At DawaSwift, your privacy is at the core of our existence and our drivers and motorcyclists deliver to you in minutes from your local pharmacy. The drivers never get to see the contents of our tamper-proof sealed packages for enhanced customer privacy. You can also scan/ take pictures of your medical documents and prescriptions in your account on the app securely so that you can access them any time, anywhere in the world. 

What DawaSwift  Offers

We're connecting customers/patients with the best local pharmacies to eliminate buying counterfeit drugs, being overcharged, price discrimination and stigmatization of customers who buy special medications for whichever health condition.

Whether you are just buying contraceptives (including condoms), pain killers, prescription medicine e.g antibiotics or need regular refills of your special medicine, DawaSwift is the solution!  

When you buy medicine with DawaSwift, we ensure you get quality medicine and delivered at your comfort.

To bring medication closer to you, DawaSwift provides the following services on the DawaSwift App:

DawaSwift Maisha Health Card and Maisha Health Loan

Your bank thinks you can't get a loan even when you tell them you need it for your hospitalization/medication? DawaSwift got you covered!

Apart from earning Maisha Points from all your eligible purchases, you can use the Maisha Health Loan feature in the app for in-app purchases or to make payments at all participating pharmacies and hospitals anywhere in the world.

You can also visit your nearest DawaSwift Customer Care Center to obtain your DawaSwift Maisha Card which you can always load with cash from your account when logged into the app.

The Maisha Card can also be used to pay your hospital bills and pharmacy costs.

DawaSwift Maisha Health Insurance

Your government/national/private health insurance company only covers a small percentage of your hospital/medical bills leaving you with huge balances that may force you to work forever to pay off?

Sign up for the Maisha Insurance on your DawaSwift app/website, pay your monthly/annual premiums and your bills could be paid based on the terms of your insurance cover! 

This is a special health insurance brought to you by DawaSwift.

Through Maisha Loan, you can borrow a health loan or other people in real-time DawaSwift (both within the app) and save your life or those of your loved ones!

DawaSwift Customer/Patient, Driver/ Motorcyclist/ Rider and Pharmacy Apps

Ever thought about how important your health is?

DawaSwift has been created with a vision to be the engine driving the world's widest network of local pharmacies to serve local patients through an AI powered web platform.

Because we know that not everyone has an equal access to medication due to financial, geographic and other reasons, DawaSwift is changing the narrative!

DawaSwift exists to make the world a healthier place, not just for some few people who can afford the bills, but for everyone who is alive. 

That's why we have the apps with these features.